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interview with Creative World screenwriting competition

Hey folks,

Here’s an interview I had with the Marlene Neubauer, co-founder of the Creative World Writing Competition. I wanted to post it so you all get a better sense of why their banner is up on every page of Scripped.com this month!

Creative World Awards (CWA), co-Founder Marlene Neubauer
An interview with Marlene Neubauer regarding the Creative World Writing Competition.

Ryan: Who sponsors CWA, and what is their background in the industry?
In addition to the growing list of prominent companies and executives that have committed to reading our finalists, Heather Waters and I are the key sponsors for the 1st Annual Creative World Awards. Before segueing into producing and writing, I worked for over 15 years in film distribution with such companies as Capella Films (AUSTIN POWERS, MY LIFE, CARLITOS WAY); Pathe Distribution (IN THE CUT, THE GIRL WITH THE PEARL EARRING); Mobius Pictures (THE WENDELL BAKER STORY starring the Luke and Owen Wilson, BORDERTOWN starring Jennifer Lopez); and GreeneStreet Films (UPTOWN GIRLS, SWIMFAN and WEDDING DAZE starring Jason Biggs). Heather Water’s background ranges from the performance side of film to writing and producing for television. If you wish, you can view the CWA website to get a more extensive list of our sponsors’ credits.

R: Why enter a screenwriting competition?
There are several important reasons for entering. A top one is exposure. Most emerging writers don’t have access to agents, producers or production companies and screenwriting awards and festivals provide an important venue to bridge this gap. I would recommend entering several contests as an important way of increasing your exposure. Getting your script in the hands of the decision makers is what it’s all about. Also, mentioning any placement in a prominent competition increases your chances of getting seriously read at production companies. Inline with that, these competitions also provide an important catalyst for meeting writing deadlines, providing valuable feedback and simply, getting your script read.

R: What do you offer your winning writers?
In addition to a prize award, we, at CWA, have made it our goal to find emerging talent and give them access and exposure to key industry people. Through the judging review process and post award circulation, our winning screenplays will be sent to top agencies, major studios, managers, producers, and international financers. In addition, several companies have committed to reading our top finalists. These include: Mel Gibson’s Icon Films & Entertainment (APOCOLYPTO, PASSION OF CHRIST); Crystal Sky (BRATZ, GHOST RIDER); GreeneStreet Films (UPTOWN GIRLS, SWIMFAN, TENDERNESS starring Russell Crowe); Voltage Pictures (FLYBOYS, PERSONAL EFFECTS starring Ashton Kutcher). Be sure and check out our website for the rest of this list. In addition, we also have a myriad of companies that are not listed but have also agreed to participate.

R: Who judges each phase of the competition?
The first round of judging is done by qualified, hand selected readers and professionals. If your script advances to the quarterfinalist round, it will then be read by multiple industry professionals who will help determine which scripts advance to the semifinalist and finalist rounds. The top three winners of the 2008 Creative World Awards will be determined with the help of leading industry executives.

R: What advice can you offer to Scripped writers?
Write from your heart, set your intention and get your work out there. Any way you can! Along with entering contests, take a trip to LA, surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Deals are made everyday in coffee shops, restaurants – you can meet a contact just walking in the street. Remember the industry is screaming for good scripts. So if you feel your script is ready to go out then you’re half way there. Be sure to check out our video showcase on our website. Each week a key industry individual offers invaluable tips on the whole filmmaking process.

R: Why is CWA excited about Scripped.com?
Heather and I are very excited to be teaming up with Scripped.com and its writers. What Scripped offers writers is invaluable and unprecedented to date in the industry. It’s this kind of creativity and support that writers need and we applaud the Scripped guys’ efforts for thinking and creating outside the box. The most important thing for a writer is to get your thoughts and ideas on paper and now with Scripped.com there is no excuse.

Don’t forget to give this competition a shot! Prices go up on July 1, so submit now!


This Week’s Feature Showcase on CWA

Just an FYI, everybody. From our CWA partner:

Creative World Awards ongoing video showcase THE BUSINESS OF STORYTELLING is up and rolling. This week features Tomas Jegeus, Co-President of 20th Century Fox International. He jointly handles and overseas the international releases of all Fox’s titles. Following him in the upcoming weeks:
Anthony Mandler, one of the industry’s hottest up-coming feature directors. His background includes being one of the top music and commercial directors as well as a world renowned photographer.
Mark Gooder, CEO of Mel Gibson’s Icon Entertainment Group. He overseas the production, acquisitions and distribution of all of Icon’s films.

Don’t miss out on these valuable insights. A slue of prominent names will unveil through out the summer.

Deadline for regular entry is June 30th! www.creativeworldawards.com.



Well, the past few weeks have been pretty insanely busy for me. Last Friday, I graduated from UCLA’s MBA program and my whole family was in town. It was great to have my sister here from Barcelona, and a few other friends from college. I was also happy that my girlfriend took a short video of me receiving my diploma (just in case I need to use it to verify that I actually graduated – just kidding of course).

The weekend before, I was in Las Vegas with my classmates celebrating our last weekend as students. We stayed at The Palms, and the entire time I was looking for the Carl’s Junior, but I couldn’t find it (there’s an advertisement with the Maloof Brothers about a “6,000 dollar burger.”). Not that I would have spent the $$$, but I had to check out the Carl’s just to see what it looked like. I guess the simple pleasures in life keep me happy.

I was in Maryland the weekend before for a wedding of a good buddy of mine from college. Chelsea Clinton was there (see picture above), and I had the chance to run Scripped by her , which was pretty cool. The wedding itself was in St. Charles (which is where The Wedding Crashers was filmed), and it was an extremely beautiful location…. I’ve just been all over the place lately.

The big news is that Zak, Ryan and I are all grinding away at Scripped and we’re going to be making more exciting announcements over the next month or so. We really want to help every single member of the site have a shot at making their Hollywood dreams come true! If you’ve written your screenplay, the hard part is already over…. In any event, free screenwriting software is cool, but we want to give you guys more than that!

Email us and tell us how your screenplay is going.


Edward Burns Joins Scripped Board of Advisors!

Courtesy WireImage

I just watched Purple Violets on iTunes. I needed something to occupy the 4-hour bus ride between Boston and New York this weekend, and I figured I should catch up on some movies.

I also learned that Purple Violets was the first major motion picture to be released on iTunes. I figured I owed it to Edward Burns to have a look.

It’s a movie about the complex romance between two authors and their friends. I always find it a bit odd when writers write about writing. Being at MIT and enjoying math theory a bit too much, I think of it as a fractal. You know, one of those things like a letter A which, when you zoom in, you see is composed of other little A’s. And when you zoom in on them, even more tiny A’s.

But that’s not really what I was thinking about as I watched Eddie’s movie. I was actually thinking how lucky we are to have him involved with Scripped.

In the coming months you’ll hear more from Eddie and Aaron Lubin, his partner in production. With their input and guidance we will build Scripped into the superb online screenwriting community we know it can be. It is our summer goal to make this the most happenin’ place to write, protect, and even distribute your scripted content. You can also expect to hear from Eddie and Aaron directly through a few new features we’re building right now.

If you have any ideas, please don’t be shy. Tell us by commenting here or writing to us at contact@scripped.com. We love to hear from you. Even Sunil and Zak will spend their weekends checking the Scripped email inbox.

I know because I check it too.

Below is a copy of the press release that we issued today!

Los Angeles, CA – On Monday, May 19th, Producers Edward Burns and Aaron Lubin reached an agreement to join Scripped Inc.’s Board of Advisors. Scripped Inc. is a digital media startup that launched “Scripped Writer,” a web-based screenwriting software platform.

Burns and Lubin will help the web-based startup’s short and long term business strategy. Scripped launched the beta version of its web-based screenwriting software in January of 2008 and has since built a user-base of over 5,500 writers from all 50 states, as well as from 50 different countries. Scripped is currently being used by students from UCLA, USC, Santa Clara University and Grand Rapids Michigan Middle School amongst a host of other educational institutions.

“We are thrilled to add Ed and Aaron to the advisory board,” said Sunil Rajaraman, president and CEO of Scripped, Inc. “Their industry knowledge will help us guide our short and long-term thinking. We want to provide the best possible services to our user-base and Ed and Aaron are the right guys to help us reach that goal.”

“Ed and I are excited to be joining Scripped’s Board of Advisors,” said Aaron Lubin. “We think the site will provide cost-effective access to screenwriting software and resources for aspiring young writers to succeed. We are looking forward to collaborating with Sunil, Ryan and Zak to help make this site a success.”

About Scripped, Inc.
Scripped Inc. developed Scripped Writer, the first completely free web-based screenwriting software for writers. Scripped Writer is an innovative software that functions like a standard word processor but automatically formats and catalogs each screenplay element according to industry standards. Scripped was co-founded by Sunil Rajaraman, Zak Freer and Ryan Buckley; Rajaraman is a former senior strategy consultant, and UCLA Anderson MBA student, Freer is a producer/director and graduate of the Peter Stark Producer’s Program at USC and Buckley is a dual degree student Harvard and MIT. To learn more, visit http://www.scripped.com.

About the Producers
Edward Burns has written, directed, starred in and produced eight feature films, including the award winning Brothers McMullen, She’s the One, Sidewalks of New York, The Groomsmen, and most recently Purple Violets. Burns’ gained worldwide critical acclaim for his performance as Private Richard Reiben in Saving Private Ryan. In addition, Burns has starred in several feature films, including James Foley’s Confidence opposite Dustin Hoffman and Rachel Weisz, 15 Minutes opposite Robert De Niro, and most recently the 20th Century Fox hit romantic comedy 27 Dresses opposite Katherine Heigl. To learn more, visit http://www.edwardburns.net.

Aaron Lubin has produced several feature length films including Looking for Kitty, The Groomsmen, Ash Wednesday and Sidewalks of New York. Lubin produced Purple Violets with Burns, which was the first feature length film to debut on iTunes. The move to release Purple Violets on iTunes was considered a pioneering move in the film industry, and the movie has since received positive critical acclaim. Purple Violets won “best feature film” at the Savannah Film Festival. Additionally, Lubin worked on the NBC television show The Fighting Fitzgeralds starring Brian Dennehy, as well as several Saturn commercials, in producing capacities.


More Screenwriting Tools

I’ve been trying to learn as much about screenwriting as possible, though I doubt my knowledge will ever rival Zak’s. That being said, I’ve been surfing around for experts’ advice on screenwriting, etc, and came accross this site: http://thedialogueseries.com.

Here is what they have to say:

THE DIALOGUE: Learning From the Masters is a groundbreaking interview series that goes behind the scenes of the fascinating craft of screenwriting. In these 70-90 minute in-depth discussions, more than two dozen of today’s most successful screenwriters share their work habits, methods and inspirations, secrets of the trade, business advice, and eye-opening stories from life in the trenches of the film industry. Each screenwriter discusses his or her filmography in great detail and breaks down the mechanics of one favorite scene from their produced work. To purschase these DVDS visit http://www.thedialogueseries.com.

Looks interesting!


Navigating Screenwriting on the Net

Hey all, I’ve been in contact with other entrepreneurs in the screenwriting/net world over the past several months and I just wanted to highlight a site I came upon called “Coverage Ink.” Be sure to check them out at http://www.coverageink.com. Here is a quote from Jim Cirile, the founder:

The most important thing to know is Coverage, Ink is by writers, for writers. We’re not owned by a big corporation. We’re owned by me–Jim Cirile–a writer. I founded CI as a reaction to the coverage services out there, which I found to be overpriced, and oftentimes the coverage was hostile or useless. Worse, some of those people have a carrot and stick approach — promising you ‘industry access’ if you get a consider or better, when more often than not this is vapor — as I learned from personal experience. Writers are generally hardworking and broke! Again, I know this firsthand. We just want someone to help us with gentle guidance. So when I pony up money for an opinion, I want it to be creatively constructive, as opposed to belittling or insulting. I want people to feel empowered and have a real idea how to better their script after they work with us. I use my own company to develop my own scripts all the time, submitting to my readers under pseudonyms and paying the full rate. So I know what we’re doing works, and the 99% positive feedback we get from our clients bears that out. I also hand-pick and test all our readers personally to make sure they know their stuff. That’s what CI is all about

Coverage Ink is running a screenwriting competition called “Writers on the Storm”, which runs through July. If you submit a script to CI, it is automatically entered into the contest. Grand prize is 10gs…. maybe I should figure out a way to get Zak to enter.

Now if only we were as innovative as some of these other companies out there… Ryan, maybe we need you to sell a kidney soon.

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